Monday, April 20, 2009

Dream Interpretations

The Bearded Lady - Illustration
Do you ever dream about facial hair? Here is some research about how to interpret such dreams.

According to the MyJellybean website,

"If a female dreams of growing facial hair, you may have suffered an attack on your reputation or persona recently. This dream is a warning not to let irritations grow into large heartaches - try to let your emotions cool and things will pass. This dream may also warn against spending your money foolishly."

I'm not convinced by this. The website seems to be aimed at tween girls, so I would not consult it for a serious enquiry.

Dream Central is a forum for discussion about dream interpretation. According to one poster there, facial hair can signify debt or sorrow.

I am wondering, why does facial hair have such bad interpretations? Do men ever dream about it, or just women dreaming of unwanted facial hair?

According to the Petrix dream dictionary, a beard symbolizes "Authority, Power, Wisdom". Now that sounds more like it!

More on this soon...


  1. I love love love this drawing!

  2. I have had several dreams of someone I feel love for. In the dreams she has grown a beard and I am still fond of her! Once I had a dream that she had long leg hair. What?

    1. Her long hairy legs probably neans you should do more for her possibly clean the house or take the bear out to piss you know what i mean holmes or buy her some razors

  3. I just posted about having a dream about growing a beard on my blog I took it to mean that I was uncomfortable about confronting my "male" qualities (like ambition, power etc.) P.S. I like the drawings!

  4. I am a cisgendered female who has had several dreams over the years in which i have a beard. But in those dreams, the beard was never a big thing. It was just....totally normal, & most females had them, & never the focus of my dream. Then each time i'd wake up & be disappointed that i couldn't grow some rocking facial hair

  5. I dreamed I was stuck on a bridge and had vertigo badly and nearly rear ended a car. I was finally able to get off the road and in to a small coffee shop. I sat alone and was feeling bad enough to ask a woman at the table next to me for hospital directions. When I looked up to see her face she had facial hair all the way up to her eyes that even covered her nose. She was friendly and I felt so bad that it was like no big deal.

  6. Oh wow..thats exactly what happened to me..unbelievably true statement ...